Orion Software and Services are the UK's leading provider of Mobile Security Encryption, Biometric 2FA Access and Anti Phishing solutions.

Orion has the most secure mobile encryption on the market with government and MOD approval with many of the worlds security services using it as standard.

2017 will prove to be the greatest ever challenge in Cyber Warfare, this will impact businesses and individuals alike and so no one is immune from potential threats.
Passwords are still the number one issue with so many people using the same password for multiple app s creating a huge security risk.

All of this could be resolved using our patented solution which allows 1 single, biometric encrypted password to provide access to all your applications safe in the knowledge that you will never be at risk again. All this for less than the cost of anti-virus.

Phishing is still one of the highest areas of data breach accounting for more than 95% of the past few years’ major leaks such as Amazon, Target and EBay losing millions of your card and bank details to potential hackers.

Over 30 county councils alone were breached in this way in 2013 and have since been breached again resulting in multi million pound fines. All of this could have been avoided with a simple network check by Orion to highlight potential vulnerabilities in your network.

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