Orion adds new solutions to it's Cyber suite including online fraud solution and mobile encryption


GateKeyper – is an online solution which can be used to almost entirely eliminate online fraud and is of particular interest to acquiring bank and retailers. In Sweden, where the product was developed, it typically shows efficiency against professional fraud attempts of up to 98%, and provides an evidence trail which is court admissible for every transaction. It will also effectively stop repeated fraud as the used devices will be identified and permanently blocked. It has proven to be far superior in fraud detection – and cost efficiency - than any other product currently available worldwide.

Silentel – provides secure voice calls, text messages and data transfer on mobile devices and landlines. In essence, it protects your voice and data communication against wiretapping and interception (Man in the Middle Attacks). The Silentel product is easily installed on mobile devices as an app that is available for Android, IOS, Blackberry and Windows devices. Corporate espionage is increasing exponentially across the globe and the mobile device is currently the weak link in the corporate communications chain. Customers installing Silentel secure the chain and minimise the risks associated with voice and data interception.