Orion works to help Veterans make new lives through new experience

Over the past 2 years, Orion has delivered humanitarian aid and support to Nepal to assist earthquake relief victims.

The company took staff and veterans from the armed forces and emergency services to deliver food to remote villages who had not received any help and the team helped build various shelters and a medical centre up in the Himalayas.

From this year on, Orion plan to take Veterans that suffer from PTSD sailing both here in the UK and abroad working with our sailing partners Stern2Sailing (www.stern2sailing.gr).

sail boat crewsailboat with supplies

All veterans from the armed forces and emergency services that have or suffer from PTSD are welcome to join us! The aim of these trips are to help veterans to build experience and develop friendships that have been lost due to their circumstances.

Everyone will be required to raise some funds towards the trip and Orion can show each person how to do this and assist in the set up of either JustGiving pages or GoFundMe to help. 

Any excess monies raised will be donated to charities that help homeless veterans off the streets and into shelter.

volunteers help with earthquake reliefHelping earthquake victims

The skills learned by the veteran will open new opportunities for them with new friendships and the ability and hopefully, confidence to get out and sail more.

There are literally tens of thousands of boats around the UK and Med with owners who cannot sail without help and are desperate to have people join them in the Sun or on the UK coast. These owners often pay all food travel and accommodation is free as you live on board for the duration of the trip.

sailing for earthquake victims

Sponsors, Fundraisers and Donations are needed.

2019 will see Orion taking Veterans to India and various other locations in other supporting ventures including riding motorcycles across India and the USA.

To join us in any capacity, please contact us initially by email at sail@orion-sas.co.uk or contact me directly on 07734 266276.

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